Whiting & Davis Oromesh Cleopatra Snake Bracelet

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 "There's a touch of Cleopatra in Every Woman" 

No. 232


This iconic coil bracelet is a piece of fashion history. It was designed by the famous American brand, Whiting & Davis in the 1960s. In a collaboration with Vogue Magazine and 20th Century Fox, the Cleopatra Collection was designed to gain publicity for the upcoming film "Cleopatra" starring,as we all know the stunning, Elizabeth Taylor.

You can read more about the history behind Egyptian Revival Jewellery in our blog post here.


This bracelet is crafted in Whiting & Davis' famous "Oromesh" which is a tight gold plated metal weave. The material is extremely durable and is beautifully facetted to provide a gorgeous sparkle.   

This bracelet is perfect for us modern women because the bracelet is very flexible. Many of the antique and vintage bracelets available on the market these days are often too small to be worn these days. But this bracelet was meant to flex to be worn on the upper arm in traditional egyptian style. 


The bracelet has an inner diametre of 42mm but it can stretch up to an additional 5cm to fit around anyone's arm. It winds like a spring and bounces back to shape when not being worn.

Each coil measures 14mm wide and 9mm thick.


The bracelet is in excellent condition - There are no dents or missing "snake scales". There is very minimal wear to the plating which can only be if searching or using a loupe. The signature is not worn and the bracelet overall looks as though it has never really been worn. 

Era: Mid Century ca. 1960s

Hallmarks:  The bracelet bears the famous "Whiting and Davis" signature to the back of the snake's head. 

Materials: Gold Plated base metal

Provenance: USA 

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