Vintage Illusion Set Eternity Ring

920 kr 1.180 kr


No. 154 


Eternity rings have a long history dating back to Egyptian times. They were used as a token of eternal love and life. This ring's raised filigree setting is reminiscent of the Egyptian motifs of the 1920s. It’s lovely diamond illusion setting maximises the stone sparkle.


This ring's shape and size make it perfect for stacking along side all of your other lovely favourites


The ring is in good vintage condition. There is some wear/thinning to the base of the band however as with any ring it wears down with use. It is perfectly wearable but I wouldn’t recommend undertaking any manual labour or activities which would put significant pressure on the band on a daily basis. There is a couple of nicks to the band but again doesn’t affect its structure. There is also a tiny imperfection in the gallery from when it was made. There is a tiny lip of gold which is asymmetrical from the other bridges. This is only noticeable if you are directly looking for it. It is a lovely ring so please don't let any of it's character put you off. 

Era: 1960s


Measurements: H.5 or 46.5 (DK)

Weight is 1.5 grams

The band measures 1.5mm wide and 0.5mm thick. 

The diamonds measure 1.5mm each

The ring sits 5mm above your finger 

Hallmarks:  9ct

Materials: 9ct yellow gold and natural diamonds. 

Provenance: England 

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