Vintage Greek Revival Ring

1.180 kr

No. 195


Revival jewellery ensures old is always new again. This ring captures the bold and elegant lines of ancient greek architecture in its sleek and modern design. 

The ring features a deep coloured and highly polished hematite cabochon set into bright 14ct yellow gold.  Hematite was commonly knowns as bloodstone where it's name is taken from the Greek word Haima (blood). Ancient warriors were known to paint crushed hematite onto their bodies prior to battle which was meant to keep them safe.  It is said to give courage and strength to it's wearer. 

Hematite is a relatively soft stone so can be easily scratched or crack under significant pressure. For this reason, its recommended to remove this ring when engaging in any activities such as swimming, sports, cleaning or washing dishes. It is also important to keep the stone away from cleaning chemicals as well as hairspray, makeup and perfume. 

The ring and stone can be easily washed using mild liquid dish soap and a soft cloth. 

Condition: Excellent

Era: Vintage


Ring Size: 55EU

Setting measures 14mm x 14.5mm (including shoulders). 

Shanks measures 5mm wide at shoulders and tapers down to 2.5 at it's narrowest. 

Shank measures 0.5mm thick 

Stone sits 6mm above finger. 

Ring measures 4.7grams 

Hallmarks:  Stamped KL 585 on the inner band 

Materials: 14 ct gold and Hematite stone 

Provenance: Denmark 

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