Victorian Whitby Jet Bracelet

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Whitby Jet is an extremely collectible material as it only found in a certain part of England and is the result of fossilised trees which are millions of years old! 

Its use in mourning jewellery was popularised by Queen Victoria following the death of her husband, Prince Albert in 1861. 

DESCRIPTION: This bracelet has 8 faceted panels which have been individually reset onto silver chain for a modern aestethic. Whitby jet is an extremely light material so easily worn for any occasion. 

HOW TO WEAR: One of the most common ways that Whitby Jet jewellery becomes tainted and loses its shine is when it is exposed to abrasive chemicals. So it is best worn for your special occasion and taken off when not on show! 

Condition: Excellent antique condition given its age. There are some small chips to the back tips of the panels but this is not noticeable when worn or affect the strength of the bracelet. Given this piece is 150 years old it is expected to hve such minor scuffs. 

Era: Victorian, 1880s


20cm in length with an approx 6-6.5cm inner diameter

The panels measure 24mm x 12mm x 7mm (at its highest point)

Hallmarks:  Stamped 925 on bolt clasp

Materials: Whitby Jet, Silver Chain

Provenance: England 

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