Victorian Vauxhall Glass "En Tremblant" Hair Pin

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No. 150

STORY:  Popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, Vauxhall glass jewellery was introduced by the Vauxhall Glass Company in an attempt to use the leftover shards of glass from their mirror factories.  They quickly became popular and were sold at the nearby Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens - a place where London's elite were to be seen in the most trendy fashions.  Not many Vauxhall glass pieces have survived making them very collectable items. 

The horseshoe is a popular Victorian symbol representing love and good luck. It would make the perfect accessory for a bride to be on her special day. 

DESCRIPTION: This hairpin is designed with graduating size rose-cut silver mirror glass tiles.  The tiles are secured onto an "En Tremblant" base metal hair fitting.  "En tremblant" is a French term meaning "to tremble" and defines a type of jewellery that allows movement when worn. These were fashionable before the advent of electricity, as it was designed to capture the sparkle of the candlelight.  This hairpin's tremblant mechanism is to swing up and down, although it requires a bit of effort nowadays to do so. 

Condition:  This hairpin is a true survivor. The glass is in fantastic condition with only tiny nibbles around the edges of the tiles which is to be expected with such age. 

Era - Victorian - Grand Period - Mid 1800s.


The horseshoe measures 23mm wide x 26mm high.

The brass hairpin measures 97mm from the top of the horseshoe down. The pins are approx 1mm thick. 

Hallmarks:  none

Materials:  Mirror Glass, Brass Base Metal 

Provenance: England 

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