Victorian Swallow Necklace

550 kr

No. 157


Symbolism was powerful in the Victorian Era. Strict rules of society meant people had to often find secret ways of communicating with each other. Jewellery was always a great way to send subtle sentimental messages. Swallows are extremely loyal, choose their companions for life and always fly home to their nest. They made the perfect symbol for lovers to share symbolising a safe return home and fidelity. 

DESCRIPTION: This lovely pendant dates to the late Victorian aestethic period when designs took a much softer, feminine motif. The swallow motif is hand engraved onto a brass base metal. It is a strung from a sterling silver box chain. 


This pendant is perfect for everyday wear on its own or stacked with your other favourites. The necklace can be worn in the shower however both the pendant and chain will require occasional polishing to suit your taste. 

Condition: Excellent condition - There is an metal acid test mark to the back of the pendant as you can see in the photo. 

Era: Victorian 1880s


Pendant measures 22mm long including the bale, 13mm wide and 4mm deep. 

The chain measures 46cm long 

Hallmarks:  Chain is stamped 925

Materials: Base metal pendant (not silver/gold) and sterling silver box chain. 

Provenance: England 

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