Victorian Repousée Ring

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No.  168


Grand Period Victorian jewellery was heavy,  massive and reflected the opulence of the time. Industry was booming and millionaires were being created overnight. There was a massive demand for diamonds during this period following the discovery of a diamond mine in South Africa. So, naturally, there was a big market in their reproduction too.

Repoussé was a common metal working technique of the Victorian period. It involved hammering metal into intricate designs and patterns such as this beautiful floral pattern of this ring were common of the era. 

The ring features three giant faceted glass stones set into a "gypsy" style "Or Doublé", electroplated gold setting. 


While the ring is massive, it has a wonderfully comfortable fit. Despite its size it sits rather flush to the skin. As the stones are glass, one must make sure not to bang the stones on anything that might cause it to break. It is also best to keep the ring from any harsh chemicals or strenuous wear. 


Given it is 150 years old the ring is in good shape. There is minor wear to the "Doublé", gold electroplating, especially at the base of the band. The "Doublé" coating on antique jewellery is of very high quality where it just doesn't wear off in the same way as modern day gold plating. It is still however vulnerable to scratches so one must take care. There are microscopic grazes to the stones however this is not noticeable unless searching. The culets of the rhinestones have been worn down but again this is not noticeable when you are wearing it. I think the stones were painted originally with a black coating. Most has worn however there is still a bit remaining in the stone setting so please don't confuse this with being dirty as it has been thoroughly cleaned. 

Era: Victorian ca. 1860


EU ring size 59

Taper ring band measures 7mm at its widest and 4mm at its thinnest underside 

Ring band measures 2mm at its thickest and 1.5 at its thinnest 

The face of the ring measures 12mm wide and sits 5mm above the ring. 

The stones measure 8mm in diameter 

Hallmarks:  Stamped "Doublé" and Makers Mark 

Materials: "Doublé" Gold (aka Rolled Gold - not gold plated, much thicker and electro-bonded onto the surface) and Glass paste stones 

Provenance: France 

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