Victorian Mourning Ring

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STORY: Irish Bog oak is a fossilised wood used in jewellery popularised in the mid 1800s following the death of Queen's Victoria's husband, Prince Albert. This period in time is referred to as the Grand Victorian Period where jewellery took on heavy, massive designs reflecting the boom in industry and wealth across the United Kingdom. 

DESCRIPTION: This exceptionally rare, one of a kind ring has been moulded in the typical "gypsy" style setting where graduating glass stones were made to appear as though they were embedded into the ring itself. The bog oak material is extremely smooth and warm to the touch. 

HOW TO WEAR: Don't let the size or shape of this ring scare you! It is extremely comfortable to wear despite its height and width, owing to its craftmanship. This ring should not be worn / immersed into water as the glue in the stone setting is at risk of loosening and the bog oak may dry out. It is also best to keep this treasure away from any chemicals and put away for any hard labour. 

Condition: Excellent Condition - All stones intact and ring is structurally sound. 

Era: Grand Victorian Period - 1860s. 


Size of the ring is 51 EU.

The ring sits 1cm above your finger. 

Hallmarks:  None 

Materials:  Bog Oak, Glass Stones

Provenance: Ireland 

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