Antique Bohemian Garnet Pansy Love Token Pendant

1.590 kr

No. 390


Symbolism was powerful in the Victorian Era. With strict rules of society and culture Victorians had to express themselves in creative, non-verbal ways. Jewellery was the perfect way to send subtle sentimental messages between friends and lovers.

The french name for Pansy is 'pensée' meaning "thought". The flower become synonymous with the sentiment "thinking of you" for the Victorians. They became the perfect token of love and symbol of remembrance. 


This piece dates to the early 1900s. It features five beautifully facetted bohemian garnets set into gold in the shape of a Pansy with a white seed pearl to it's centre. The pendant is hung from a jump ring large enough to accommodate a chain of your choosing. 

Although I found this piece as a pendant, I think it served as a gentleman's stickpin in it's earlier life. 

The pendant itself it is good antique condition. The stones have the usual microscopic wear to them which can only be seen under a loupe. One of the stones has a chip at to the end of it and another has a small chip at one of it's prongs. Both of these chips are only visible with a loupe and do not affect the structure of the piece in any way. They are only superficial and cannot be seen at all when worn. 

I would avoid submersing the pendant in water for any length of time due to the delicate coating to the pearl. The gold and stones can be cleaned with mild soap and water and polishing with a soft microfibre cloth. Care should be taken to keep the piece away from chemicals such as perfume, cosmetics, chlorine etc. as well as keeping it from banging as stones may be damaged.

333 or 8ct gold is not considered hypo-allergenic and tarnishes easier than higher carat gold. This is only really relevant if you have a nickel allergy as the other metals in German 333 gold are silver, copper and nickel. 


Early 1900s 


The pendant measures 22mm in length including the jump ring and 15mm at it's widest point. 

The jump ring can accommodate a chain up to 2.3 mm in thickness. 


Stamped 333 to the back. No makers mark


333 (8ct gold), seed pearl, bohemian garnets



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