Victorian French Jet Mourning Earrings

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Mourning jewellery was popularised by Queen Victoria following the death of her husband Prince Albert in 1861. 

"French jet" is actually black glass which became a popular alternative in the late 1800s to the more expensive Whitby Jet which is actually a form of fossilised wood - the most popular mourning jewellery material of the time. 

French jet was often moulded or hand-faceted to imitate the more expensive Whitby jet. You can tell the difference between them as French Jet is heavier in weight and cold to the touch compared to Whitby Jet. Much of the glass was manufactured France and the Czech Republic. 


These earrings feature a pattern consisting of facetted disc and leaf shapes glass panels set onto a japanned (blackened) wire. Depending on your view page the shape takes on a floral motif or an insect wings when viewed the other way around. 

New vermeil (gold plated 925 silver) french hook ear wires have been hung onto a 9ct gold plate to the back of the glass panels. 


Given the earrings are made of glass, they are vulnerable to chips and cracks. Given their delicate wire setting, they are at risk of bending. It is recommended these earrings be worn for special occasions and removed for any physical activities such as swimming/running/cleaning etc. 

These earrings cannot be submerged in any chemical jewellery cleaners. They can be cleaned using mild soap and water with a gentle polish using a polish cloth. 

Condition: In good antique condition. There is some wear / rubbing to the backs of the black lacquered wires. This is obviously not noticeable when wearing. There are microscopic chipping to the glass which is only evident when looking with a loupe. they could have actually been there since manufacturing. Otherwise there is no scratches or chips affecting the overall aestetic. 

Era: Late Victorian 


Length 47mm including the french ear hooks and 17mm wide. 

Largest circle glass panel peasures 8.4mm. 

The leaf design glass panels measure 16.3 x7mm 

Each earring wears 2.6grams 

Hallmarks:  The new french hooks are stamped 925

Materials: Glass, Wire, 9ct gold and 925 silver 

Provenance: England 

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