Victorian Faith, Hope & Charity Locket Necklace

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Symbolism was powerful in the Victorian Era. With strict rules of society and culture, they found ways to express themselves in non-verbal ways. Jewellery was the perfect way to send those subtle sentimental messages. 

The monogram etched into this locket is FHC representing faith, hope & charity. It was common for this symbolism to be worn and given as a token of love, fortitude, hope or remembrance. 

DESCRIPTION: The monogram is engraved onto the front of this sterling silver locket. The back displays a floral design with a blank shield motif which is perfect to have it personalised. This would make a perfect one of a kind accessory for a bride to be on her wedding day or given as a gift from her future partner. 

The pendant opens to reveal a double sided locket which retains the original frame. The locket is hung from a thick sterling bale which would easily fit a chain of your choosing. The locket has been strung from a sturdy 22inch (56cm) sterling silver box chain. 

HOW TO WEAR: This locket is perfect for everyday wear on its own or stacked with your other favourites. 

Condition: Excellent antique condition. The engraving is in perfect condition. It is possible given the condition that it has never really been worn. There is a slight dent on the backside of the bale but does not effect the necklace in anyway and can only be seen when looking for flaws. There is also a subtle dip in the front of the locket panel. This is not noticeable unless you push the panel with your fingers. 

Era: Victorian circa 1880


Locket measures 37mm long x 28mm wide

Bale measures 5mm wide and adds an additional 18mm length bringing the total length to approx 55mm.

The depth of the bale is 6mm deep so could easily fit any type of chain. The locket has been strung from a sturdy 22inch (56cm) sterling silver box chain. 

Hallmarks:  None 

Materials: Sterling Silver 

Provenance: England 

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