Victorian Amethyst Baby Doll Earrings

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These sweet, tiny amethyst earrings were rescued from an antique doll. For victorian girls, dolls weren't just toys. They were the equivalent of a fashion magazine nowadays. They gave little girls the chance to learn the role of women in society - both how to act and how to dress.

These earrings are miniature versions of an essential piece of a the respectable Victorian women's wardrobe. They are beautifully faceted and set in a 9ct gold chain. The stones are a bright purple with a blue-ish undertone. As the earrings were hand faceted, each earring is a bit different which I have tried to capture in the photos. 

The earrings have been set into new vermeil (gold plated silver) earwires. 


The earrings are in good antique condition with new earwires. There are microscopic scratches and nibbles to the stones but these are only visible when looking through a loupe. One of the stones' facets is a bit rougher than the other but again this can only be seen when looking for issues. 




The earrings measure 33mm in length including the earwire. The stones measure 10mm x 5mm. 




Amethyst, 9ct gold and sterling silver 



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