The Revival Collection - Vintage Ruby & Gold Snake Earrings

3.560 kr

No. 187

The Revival Collection features one-of-a-kind pieces redesigned using vintage materials. 


The serpent has been an enduring symbol in jewellery since ancient times. Archeological digs in Greece and Italy resurrected ancient mythology on the symbolism of the serpent in jewellery.  

Aphrodite, the goddess of love was depicted wearing a bracelet in the form of a snake. For Plato, the image of the Ourobouros - a serpent swallowing its symobolised everlasting life.  So it is no surprise serpent jewellery is still as sought after in our modern times. 

These earrings are a nod to these ancient mythologies.  In their previous life, these earrings were teeny tiny rings which could only possibly fit a baby. They have been transformed into stunning earrings by a professional goldsmith.

Each of the snakes are crafted in 18ct gold and set with tiny ruby cabochons. As they were finger rules before their transformation each of them is a tiny bit different, which you only tell by looking closely at the photos.  The snakes have been set onto vintage 9ct gold omega symbols and hung from 9ct gold french wires. The earrings have an almost three dimensional, sculptural design to them and they are far prettier in person than can be captured in a camera. 

These 2 tiny snake rings were found as a set of three. The third little snake was converted to this beautiful snake pendant.

Care should be taken when wearing these earrings given their design so that they do not catch or get pulled on anything. I would recommend cleaning them with mild soap and polishing them with a gold jeweller cloth. I would recommend keeping them away from chemicals so put them on last after your hairspray, cosmetics and perfume. 


Like new following it's transformation by a professional jeweller. 

Era: Vintage Late 70s, early 80s 


The earrings measure 37mm long including the french wire x 11.2mm at their widest point with a depth of 16.3mm 


The rubies measure approx 1.5mm each which are untreated. 

The pair of earrings measure 3.46grams.  

Hallmarks:   Both snakes are stamped 750 with a makers mark which is no longer legible. 

Materials: Non heat treated rubies, 18ct yellow gold, 9ct gold

Provenance: Italy 

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