The Revival Collection - Victorian Buckle Conversion Bangle

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The Revival Collection features redesigned one of a kind pieces using antique materials. 



On 22nd January 1660 - Samuel Pepys noted in his diary " This day I began to put buckles on my shoes!". Shoe buckles were all the rage and worn by just about everyone in the Georgian period.  They were the perfect fashion accessory and also a symbol of someone's social status.

Sadly, there isn't much use for these treasures in modern times. This bangle has been designed using an antique glass paste buckle. 


The buckle is intricately pierced with a lovely floral and bow filligree motif. The buckle is of exceptional quality with each of the paste stones being hand set into individual bezel settings of a copper alloy base metal.

The buckle has been set onto a sleep sterling silver bangle. The original curve of the buckle fits perfectly over the wrist providing an extremely comfortable fit. The back of the buckle is polished so it is soft against the skin without any scratching. 

The bangle is rigid so would not recommend bending to fit. Bending the bangle will distort the buckle setting causing the stones to pop out. 


This bangle is the ultimate statement piece. So it is best kept for special occasions. As the stones are set in close back settings, they are vulnerable to water damage so the bracelet should be removed when showering/swimming/exercising/cleaning. Given the age of the buckle, it is common for the occasional stone to fall out with wear and most of the time it is not noticeable unless looking for missing stones.

Because the metals used in the buckle alloy are not known, this bracelet is not recommended for anyone with nickel allergies.  


The conversion work on this necklace was completed by a professional jeweller from the famous Hatton Garden jewellery quarter in London, England. So you are buying in excellent condition. All stones are present. There is slight variation in the colour/tone of the metal due to tarnishing/oxisidisation. It is recommended the bracelet be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth taking care not to damage any of the stones.  


Buckle measures 56mm x 42mm

The inner diametre of the bangle measures 64mm lengthwise and 58mm width wise. 

The sterling silver sides measure 22.5mm wide x 1.3mm thick

The stones range in size between 2.4mm and 1mm. 


The sterling silver is stamped 925. The buckle is unstamped. 

Provenance: England   

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