The Revival Collection - Victorian Blue Zircon Necklace

1.400 kr

No. 174 


Blue Zircon is a proper hidden gem! It is often mistaken for the cheap synthetic gemstone, Cubic Zirconium, but they couldn't be further apart.  

Blue Zircon is actually one of the oldest minerals on the planet at 4.4 billion years old! It is the most fiery and brilliant blue gemstones on the market.

It was a particularly popular stone used in Victorian jewellery. Tiffany's famed gemologist, George Kunz loved the stone so much he tried (without success) to have the stone renamed "Starlite" in recognition of it's fiery nature. 

Since ancient times, the stone has been thought to have have the power to ward off evil, help with sleep and bring prosperity to whoever wore it. 


The imposing 1.5 carat stone is set into a six claw, scalloped gold mount. The pendant is hung from a new gold bale onto a vermeil box chain. 

The pendant is quite deep and looks best when worn with a shorter length chain. 


To avoid chipping/cracking the stone, it is recommended the necklace is removed for any physical activity such as exercise, swimming etc. As with all gold and gemstones it is also recommended the piece be kept away from chemicals including chlorine, cosmetics and cleaning agents. The pendant can be cleaned using mild soap and water then polished with a soft jewellery polishing cloth.



The pendant is in good condition although there is a chip on the underneath, very tip of the stone (culet). The chip measures 1-1.5mm and can only be seen when searching using a loupe. As with most pieces of this age there are also microscopic scratches to the gold/stone which again are only noticeable if you are searching for defects with a loupe.  The bale and box chain are new. 


Victorian 1880s


The stone measures 7.3mm wide x 4mm deep (approx. 1.5ct). 

The pendant sits 6mm above the skin. 

The bale is 6mm long and can accommodate a chain of 1.6 thickness. 

The chain measures 45cm long and has a bolt clasp. The chain is 1mm thick. 

The necklace weighs 3.4 grams 

The necklace is crafted of 9ct gold and a vermeil (gold plated 925 silver) chain. 


The pendant is stamped "9ct" on the scalloped mount. 

The chain is stamped 925 

Provenance: England 

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