The Revival Collection - Star Moon Scarab Earrings

770 kr

Piece of history

Redesigned one of a kind pieces using antique materials. 

No. 136

STORY: A perfectly matched pair of redesigned Egyptian revival drop earrings. From one earring hangs a green 1920s hand-carved Neiger glass scarab and the other, a victorian marcasite shooting star pendant. The famous jewellery designers, the Neiger Brothers, reached their height in the 1920s and 30s with their most famous pieces being their Egyptian scarab beads.

The earrings are set onto new oxidised silver french hooks. The pendants each hang from antique silver chains. 

Condition: Excellent as reworked from antique materials. 


Scarab earring: 72mm long including french hook, scarab measures 9 x 7mm. 

Star & Moon earring: 86mm long including french hook. 

Hallmarks:  French hooks stamped 925 

Materials: glass, oxidised silver french hooks, marcasite, silver 

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