The Revival Collection - Saphiret Fly Necklace

1.210 kr

The Revival Collection features redesigned one of a kind pieces using antique materials. 

No. 219


Saphiret was a type of special type of glass made in Gablonz, Czechoslovakia starting in the mid 1800s. It was made by mixing molten gold into blue sapphire coloured glass. This blend created the most striking, shimmering colour changing glass. Depending on the light it's colour changes between pink, brown and blue. 
The jewellery houses stopped production of Saphiret glass in the early 1900s when the price of gold increased making it too expensive. Saphiret pieces dating to the Victorian period have a greater vibrancy and deeper pink tone owing to the more gold used in the manufacturing process. 


In another life, this sweet little insect pendant spent her life as a Victorian brooch. When we found her, her clasp was missing but we knew she still had a lot of life left in her.   

She is made from a single satin saphiret cabochon set within a gold coloured metal. With mother of pearl wings and paste stone accents, she has a lot of personality. She has been strung onto a new sterling silver box chain. 


Our little insect has lived a good life and shows signs of wear. Whilst  perfectly sound and safe to wear, her saphiret tummy has a few chips to the corners (which you can see in the photos) and a little wiggle between the prongs. The other stones are in great condition and also securely in place. Owing to the rarity and delicateness of the stones, I would recommend this piece be saved for special occasions or when you are sure you can protect her from damage. 


Victorian - late 1800s


39cm long box chain.

Pendant is 24mm long, 25mm wide and 6mm deep. 


The chain clasp is stamped 925


Glass, Silver, Brass Base Metal



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