The Revival Collection - Georgian Cut Steel Bracelet

840 kr

Redesigned one of a kind pieces using antique materials. 



Cut steel jewellery was popularised when King Louis of France requested the french High Society donate their jewellery to help fund the war in the mid 1700s. Because precious metals could only be used for the war, goldsmiths had to come up with innovative ideas to make jewellery. Cut steel jewellery became so popular that Napoleon Bonaparte even commissioned a complete set in 1810 for his second bride, Marie Louise. 


This bracelet features a Georgian cut steel buckle fixed onto a new "old" stock 1940s rolled gold watch strap. Each cut steel rivet stone has been hand cut and polished to catch the light and sparkle like diamonds.

HOW TO WEAR: Cut steel jewellery is prone to rusting so it is important you store it in a dry place and keep it out of water. If it is wet, be sure to dry it properly. 


Excellent as reworked from antique materials. 


Buckle measures 52mm x 40mm

Inner diameter of bracelet measures 5.5 

The strap is extendable by an additional 0.5cm

Hallmarks:  Watch strap stamped MONTAL STAINLESS STEEL and ROLLED GOLD 

Materials: rolled gold, stainless steel, cut steel, brass 

Provenance: England   

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