The Revival Collection - Geometric Art Deco Sautoir

740 kr

The Revival Collection features redesigned one of a kind pieces using antique materials. 


STORY: Oriental exoticism was a big trend in the 1920s where this necklace takes its inspiration. The pendant was originally a 1930s belt buckle which has been transformed with the use of various vintage gold tone chains and an antique barrel clasp. 

HOW TO WEAR: The beauty of this necklace is in its simplicity. Its easy to wear as you can easily throw it over your head so perfect for either day or evening attire. This pendant will not do well if submersed in water and care should be taken not to bang it as the glass stones could come loose. 

Condition: Excellent as reworked from antique materials. 

Era: Reimagined Art Deco 


Total length when worn is 46cm including tassels.

Pendant measures 32mm high x 38mm wide.

Tassels measure 9cm long. 

Hallmarks:  none

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