The Revival Collection - Father Time Diamond Necklace

1.250 kr 1.520 kr

The Revival Collection features redesigned one of a kind pieces using antique materials. 



This necklace has been created using the inner mechanics of a gentleman's pocket watch dating to the 16th and 17th centuries.  This medallion was hand-carved by an expert watchsmith with hand engraving and each hole being painstakingly hand pierced.  Each one of these watch pieces are completely unique and tells it's own story. The design of this medallion features father time at the base with the oriiginal single rose cut diamond at its centre. The medallion is hung from a 9ct gold chain. 

Condition: Excellent as reworked from antique materials. 


The chain measures 40cm long 

The pendant measures 19mm x 17mm 

The centre rose cut diamond measures 2mm 


The Pendant is unsigned and is a brass base metal with a gold gilt dip. The chain has a full British Hallmark (Birmingham, 375). I am unable to read the Makers mark and year because they are so tiny. 




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