The Revival Collection - Egyptian Pharaoh Bracelet

320 kr 550 kr

Redesigned one of a kind pieces using antique materials. 

No. 212


Ancient Egypt has been a source of inspiration for centuries. During the Victorian era, the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 spurred another revival period of all things Egyptian. There are few images more recognisable in this style period than the head of an ancient Egyptian Pharoah. 

A victorian buckle in it's previous life, it has been transformed into a stunning bracelet.  The buckle features a young Pharoah's head at it's centre with facetted cut steel and engraved wheat-sheaf and floral motifs. Wheat has symbolised long life and prosperity for hundreds of years. 

The buckle has been set onto a "new" old stock watch chain. The curve of the buckle is perfectly suited to sit flush against the wrist. The strap features a sturdy folding snap clasp which makes it super easy to put on and remove. 

Condition: Excellent as reworked from antique materials. There is relative wear to the buckle given it's age. There is some minor rust to a few of the cut steel rivets on the face and the back of the buckle has been filed. The face of the pharaoh has a small scratch at the centre which is clearly seen in the photo. 


Pharaoh panel measures 46mm x 34 mm

Bracelet measures 19.8cm total length (I am able to resize the bracelet by removing links on request) 

Hallmarks:  None

Materials:  Base Metals - Given it is not possible to say with certainty the mixture of this metal alloy, it is not the best piece for anyone with sensitive skin or nickel allergies. 

Provenance: Buckle originated in France, Watch strap in Canada 

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