Edwardian Suffragette Chain Bar Brooch

650 kr 1.270 kr

A Historical Piece of Women's Rights

No. 339


This brooch is a symbol and reminder of the brave women who fought for gender equality and Women's right to vote in the early 1900s. 

Suffragettes were labeled troublemakers, targeted by the government and media.  Many were sentenced to jail where they were subjected to terrible treatment in an attempt to silence their cause.  But Suffragettes prevailed, triumphantly wearing these sentences as badges of honour. 

Suffragette chain brooches were designed and worn as representation of this imprisonment but also symbolised the invisible chains holding women back in society. From voting to education and employment rights. They were worn to show support for their suffering and sacrifice. 

Jewellery can be a timely reminder of our power as women, and the great things we can achieve even when things feel impossible. Though this brooch is over 100 years old, the cause is as relevant today as ever making it the perfect accessory for the strong and powerful women we all are.  


The brooch is modestly crafted from gold plated brass. It is in amazing condition given it's age. There is no visible damage or wear to the plating and the C clasp pin is in working order. This brooch can be washed with mild soapy water but care must be taken to ensure it dries sufficiently. I would not recommend washing this in any chemical jewellery cleaners as this will harm the plating. 


Measures 35mm long x 5mm wide. 




London, England 

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