Silver & Rose Quartz Ring

670 kr

No. 224


WW2 had a significant influence on jewellery design in the 1940s. The machine age left its mark on designs in the form of gears, cylinders, tank treads, pipes and chains. You can see the echo of this design movement in the structure of this sweet 1940s french ring. It has contrasting feminine details such as the pink rose quartz stone and the mechanical look of the silver structure reminiscent of the pistons and mechanics of an engine.    


This ring is excellent condition as it is new old stock from the Taillerie de Royat in France. The Taillerie de Royat was a gem cutting and jewellery factory dating from the early 1900s. They were famous for designing jewellery using locally found and cut semi precious stones like this rose quartz ring. The stone is set into grade silver which seems to have a rhodium coating as it does not tarnish and retains a nice gunmetal grey colour. 

There is a tiny hairline scratch along the stone which is only noticeable when looking through a loupe, likely from storage over the years. Care must be taken with the ring as the stone is susceptible to scratching and chips. Care should be taken to keep the ring away from harsh chemicals. 


Retro 1940s 


Size: 54EU 

Weight: 2.4 grams. 

The stone measures 10 x 8mm. 

The band is 1.5mm wide and 1mm wide. 

Hallmarks:  The ring has the standard french crab stamp for 800 purity silver

Materials: Marcasite, silver 

Provenance: France 

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