Silver & Gold Initial "K" Signet Ring

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Signet rings have become all rage over the past few years but they have been a secret style staple for thousands of years. Great Pharoahs, powerful romans and love-swept sweethearts have taken advantage of the beauty of Signet rings. The earliest recorded Signet rings date to 3500BC and have been playing different roles throughout history ever since. 

This ring comes all the way from the USA and was a very popular design in the Art Deco period.  An old English initial "K' set into black glass a top a sterling silver mount with 10ct gold engraved chevron shoulders. 


In excellent condition. The ring is of very sturdy design and there are no major scratches to the glass and no wear to the engraving on the shoulders. Care should be taken with the ring to avoid hitting/scratching/cracking the glass. The glass should also not be cleaned with any harsh chemicals. I would recommend a clean in mild soapy water and polished with a silver cloth. 


Art Deco


The Ring measures between a 61 and 62 EU. (This would have been a gentleman's ring originally). 

The face of the ring measures 11mm x7mm. 

The shank of the ring measures 4mm wide. 

The ring sits approx 6mm above your finger. 


The ring is stamped STERLING and 10k with a maker's mark that I have not been able to make out. 


Sterling Silver (925), 10ct gold and glass 



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