Ruby Red Mirror Glass Rivière Necklace

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Czechoslovakia (formerly known as Bohemia) was a major player in the history of costume jewellery. In the Czech glass capital Gabonz, jeweller Daniel Swarovski created the first cut crystal imitation diamonds, rubies and emeralds back in the late 1800s. Produced between 1920-1930, Czech Vauxhall mirror glass is instantly recognisable to jewellery collectors. Not many have survived but the ones that do are highly sought after. 

DESCRIPTION: This rivière necklace features a series of 20 moulded, bright ruby-red glass panels set into brass coloured metal. Each glass panel has a lovely art deco geometric design which reflects the light. This necklace has been fitted with a new clasp to ensure its strength. 

HOW TO WEAR: It's ideally suited for special occasions as the settings can be quite fragile. It can be a bit fiddly and best sat flat on your décolletage so that it doesn't become entangled in any outfit or other chains. 

Condition: Necklace has been restored with a period brass barrel clasp. There is wear to the back of the brass settings as per the photos. Glass panels are in excellent condition taking into account their age and fragility. There are tiny knicks to the corners of the glass panels however these don't effect the look or wear of the necklace and are only visible under a microscope. 

Era: Art Deco 1920s -1930s 


The necklace is 48cm long. 

Each red panel measures 13 mm x 10mm

Hallmarks:  none 

Materials:  Glass, Brass 

Provenance: Czech (Bohemia) 

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