Pair of "New Old Stock" Art Deco Dress Clips

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After WW1, women were liberated from the tight corseted dresses and stuffy fashion of the Edwardian era. The Art Deco movement saw simpler more straight-lined designs make their way into the fashion magazines. But these paired back designs demanded a new way to accessorise them. Coco Chanel had just introduced the fashion world to the concept of costumer jewellery. Cue the infamous dress clip! 

When dress clips exploded on the scene in the 1920s they served only one purpose - to spice up a woman's wardrobe. They were used to decorate handbags, dresses, furs and even shoes! 

By the 1930’s, dress and fur clips were the fashion accessory in every woman's wardrobe with every designer making them in all kinds of styles.  

Because most of the dress clips of the era were costume, it meant they were worn and loved by their owners. It is so rare to find a matching pair and an even greater treasure to find a pair that have never been worn on their original sale cards. 

Its as though this stunning pair of dress clips was frozen in time - taking us back to what it must have been like to buy these from the shop. They date to the 1930s with dozens of paste crystals set (glued) into chromed base metal in a symmetrical triangular design. The stones have a beautiful crisp sparkle and the metal work is like new with no signs of rust or any wear at all. The backs of the clips are engraved with an intricate design. The clip mechanism is strong and the claws are very sharp so you need not worry about them falling off when being worn, which is the case with most of these clips nowadays. 

The clips are nestled into perfectly fitted black moiré ribbon pockets. Care should be taken when trying to remove the clips as the claws get easily caught. 

These are the perfect "something old" (or "something new"in their case) accessory for a bride to spice up her dress, shoes, bag or belt. 


In unworn, like new condition. As the stones are only glued into the clips, there is a high risk some of them will fall out which is typical of this design. Care should be taken not to bump them or drop them. (I always have these types of stones on hand for emergency repairs in case you need some help!). The clips cannot be submersed in water either as this will loosen the glue / stones. They can be cleaned by gently wiping them with a polishing cloth. 


Art Deco 


The moiré ribbon card measures 7.5 x4.5cm. 

The clips measure 4.5 high  x 4cm wide. They sit approx 8mm high against whatever fabric you will use. 




Base metal, Glass Stones 



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