Ostby Barton 10k Gold Baby Ring On its Original Card

1.040 kr

No. 357


Baby rings became a sensation in the Victorian period and remained popular all the way through the 1950s.  They were often given as keepsakes to celebrate the birth of a child. They could be worn for photoshoots, stored away or even worn by their mothers. It was also popular for mothers and babies have matching sets. How cute is that?! 

This tiny ring is from the 1920s and amazingly survived 100 years on it's original card celebrating baby's birth. Inside the card reads: 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 
More than can be told....
Sending Love to Baby 
With this little 
Ring of gold

The ring was manufactured by the famous Ostby & Baton Company of Providence, Rhode Island. Founded in 1879, they were at a time the largest ring manufacturers in the world. At the company's height, Engelhart Cornelius Ostby and his daughter Helene booked first class cabin trip aboard the Titantic. Tragically only Helene made it back to the United States. She joined the family business and the company would continue to produce jewellery loved the world over until the 1950s .


The ring is crafted in a warm, rosey toned gold. It is engraved with the popular Art Deco orange blossom motif. The ring is attached to it's original card, so I am limited in the photos I can take with it. It stamped on the inside with OB 10K. 

The ring is obviously in perfect condition and miraculously so is the card. The card also comes with it's original envelope. The envelope is largely discoloured and sadly the front of the card also has some discolouration to the bottom due to the glue in the envelope. It doesn't really affect the look of the card. The inside of the card and back of the card are in perfect condition. 

The ring is tiny which makes it the perfect little charm pendant to hang from a chain. If you love the idea of a matching ring for mum, check out our white gold 1920s carved band here.  


Art Deco ca. 1920s


It’s hard to be exact given it's attached to it's card. It measures 11.2mm inner diameter which makes it a size 36.5EU or a US size O. 

The card measures 85mm x 66mm.


The inner band is stamped OB 10K



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