Art Deco Onyx & Marcasite Earrings

890 kr 1.150 kr


The 1920s were a time of significant change. For generations, black jewellery was reserved for grief and mourning. But this changed in the 1920s. Young socialites wanted to escape the rigid social rules of their parents and started wearing black as a fashion statement and what a fashion statement these earrings made! 

Long sleek panels of onyx are set into crimped silver settings. A floral pattern of marcasites are riveted into the onyx for a lovely contrast. 

These earrings are in perfect condition with all original stones intact. They come complete with the original screw backs. I know a lot of women are not wearing screw backs anymore so I can easily swap them to ear wires for no extra charge. The 3rd photo in the gallery shows what they would look like hung from new wires. 

These earrings were bought as a set with a matching Marcasite sautoir necklace  which you can find here. 


Because of the delicate marcasite stones it is recommended that these earrings are not submersed into any kind of water or chemicals. So don't shower with them and put them on last after spraying your perfume or hairspray. These earrings cannot be immersed into any silver cleaning solution rather gently polished using a silver polishing cloth or wiping with a soft damp cloth.  


Excellent antique condition - all stones in place, no cracks to the onyx panels and original screw back fittings are still there!  

Era: Art Deco 1920s


The earrings measure 4cm long excluding the screw back. The length will change depending on which type of ear wire you would like them set to. 

The drops are 12mm at their widest part. 

Hallmarks:  The screw back portion of the earrings are stamped "MADE IN GERMANY" 

Materials: Marcasite (pyrite), Onyx, Silver 

Provenance: Germany (export to USA). 

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