Mid-Century Lapis Lazuli Silver Ring

800 kr 1.230 kr

No. 385

Lapus Lazuli (literal translation = blue stone) has been inspiring artists the world over for thousands of years. It was an image of the heavens. The dark blue - the indigo of the night sky and the shimmering flecks of pyrite - the stars.  

The ancient Egyptians treasured the blue stone. It was a central feature in many of their jewellery designs including King Tut's scarab bangle as well as the pigment in their makeup. 

It has been used as blue pigment in some of the most recognisable pieces of art in history.  Michelangelo used Lapis Lazuli powder to paint the blues in his Sistine Chapel fresco and Vermeer's famous Girl with the Pearl Earring's headscarf was coloured with the stone. 

Lapis has been long believe to make you lucky in love owing to its association with the Babylonian goddess of love, Laz. 

The simple and sophisticated ring features a beautiful flat and polished lapis stone set into a sterling silver basket setting. The ring has a sleek design so it's sits flush against your finger. 


The ring it in good vintage condition. The stone has some minor wear/scuffing which is visible under a loupe but cannot be seen unless you are looking for it. The ring was originally plated in gold, however this has worn over the years. There are remnants of the gold on the underside of the gallery and shank but none to the face of the ring. The shank is strong and the ring is overall in good structural shape. 

Lapis a softer stone and care should be taken to protect it against damage. This ring can be wiped clean with a smooth cloth. Try to keep this ring dry as water can effect the yellow of the pyrite. No chemical agents should be used and the stone should be kept away from salt water and chlorine. Care should be taken to not scratch the signet stone. 

Era: Mid Century


Ring size is a size 56 EU.

The panel measures 20mm  x 15mm. 

The ring sits 4mm above your finger. 

The shank measures 1.7mm wide and 0.8mm thick. 

Hallmarks:  None. Likely worn or lost to resizing over the ages

Materials: Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver

Provenance: Germany

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