Mid-Century Hickok Karatclad Initial "F" Signet Ring

660 kr 980 kr

No. 386

The Hickok Manufacturing Company was founded in 1909 by S.Rae Hickok in Rochester, New York after purchasing a small jewellery plating company for $350. .  The company became a major manufacturer of men’s jewellery and accessories.  When the founder died in 1945, the company was inherited by his son. This son went on to develop the prototypes for safety seat belts which ultimately became standard safety standards across the globe. 

"Karatclad" is a trademark used for a very thick gold electroplating process in the USA. It is about 14 times thicker than standard electroplating. It was renown for it's non tarnishing brilliance and uniform colour. 

A wonderful statement ring engraved with an "F" in typical 1950s font. The ring is of an interesting design as the base of the ring is able to stretch a few millimetres which makes it a good fit for someone with larger knuckles or maybe arthritic fingers. 


The ring it in excellent condition. There are no visible scratches or dents to any of the plating or the initial plate of the ring. There does not appear to be any wear to the plating. It almost looks as though the ring has never been worn.  

The gold plating on this ring is durable making suitabe for everyday wear. However I would not recommend submersing the ring in water given the mechanical stretch design of the shank. If wet, I would ensure it is dried properly to prevent any decay of the metal. 

Era: Mid Century


Ring size is a size 54EU with a few millimetres of stretch. 

The panel measures 20mm  x 18.6mm. 

The ring sits 10mm above your finger. 

The shank measures 4.8mm wide and 5.5mm at it's thickest. The ring measurements are hard to describe owing to it's unique construction so study the pictures as they form a good part of the description. 

Hallmarks:  HICKOK KARAT CLAD to the underside of the ring face. 

Materials: base metal unknown, 18ct gold electroplating. 

Provenance: USA 

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