Mid-Century Green Tourmaline Ring

740 kr 990 kr

№. 378

A beautifully faceted Tourmaline ring set into a rococo style chased silver frame. The gemstone itself has a dark evergreen colour and deep clarity. The ring is designed to sit quite high on the finger allowing as much light as possible to shine through giving it a bright, clear luster. 

It is a wonderful statement and very wearable. It sits comfortably and flush to the finger despite it's imposing size. s 

The ring is crafted from 835 german silver. It is in great vintage condition. There is some wear/nibbles to the edges of the facets however this is only noticeable when searching or using a loupe. There is a little wiggle on the stone in it's setting however this is typical of these types of settings and the stone is secure. 

I would avoid using any chemical cleanser when cleaning this ring. Rather, I would recommend lightly cleaning with mild soap and water, with a final polish of the silver. I would take off the ring when using any chemicals such as hand sanitiser or cleaning products to protect the stone. 




The Ring is a size 55.5/56 EU. 

The face of the ring measures 18.8mm x 15.5mm

The stone measures 13.2mm x 9mm

The band measures 8.5mm at its widest point and 12.6 at its thinnest. 


The ring is stamped "835GS" which is a silver metal purity of 835 and the GS stands for German Silver. 


Silver, Green Tourmaline 



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