Mid -Century French Mesh Serpent Bracelet

550 kr 1.020 kr

No. 380


The serpent has been an enduring symbol in jewellery design dating back to ancient times. Archeological digs in Greece and Italy in the 1800s resurrected ancient mythology on the symbolism of the serpent. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was depicted wearing a bracelet in the form of a snake. For Plato, the image of the ourobouros - a serpent swallowing its tail -  represented everlasting life. 

Jewellers the world over have since been offering their interpretations of the mysterious creature. This bracelet was manufactured in France ca. 1950s. Gold mesh jewellery of this style had become extremely popular following WW2 when money and gold was in short supply. Jewellers had invented techniques of designing hollowed, lighter pieces that were more affordable for their customers. They developed the most amazing gold plating techniques so that people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between real and fake gold.


This sweet snake has a lovely warm colour and sheen to it's gold plating. The  serpent heads are set with tiny little green glass stones. This is a wonderful vintage bracelet to add to a vintage collection because typically, bracelets back then were so small they are unwearable my most modern women's sizes. This bracelet is perfect as it has a torque and very pliable design which allows the metal to stretch to accommodate all kinds of wrist sizes. 

The bracelet is stamped "Plaque Or" which means it has been electroplated with a gold coating. 


The bracelet is in excellent condition - There is almost no tarnish/rubbing except for some minor areas underneath the serpent heads as in the photos. T

Era: Mid Century ca. 1950s


In it's non stretched condition it measures 6.5cm wide x 6.4cm high. It comfortably flexes an additional 1.5/2 cm. 

The snake heads measure 23mm long x 9.2 wide x 4.7mm thick 


The mesh  band measures 5.7mm wide and 3mm thick. 

Hallmarks:  The bracelet is stamped "PLAQUE OR"  and a maker's mark which I have not been able to read. 

Materials: Gold Plated base metal, Glass Stones 

Provenance: France 

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