Mid-Century Double Snake Necklace

800 kr 1.070 kr

No. 232


After WW2, gold was still super popular but still in short supply. Jewellers developed new ways of working with metal creating new bulky, chunky and hallowed out designs. Snake (aka gaspipe chains) became an instant hit. They were much cheaper to make and suited the new post-war aesthetic.

The glitz and glamour of Art Deco fashion was being replaced with a stronger look that included sharp, tailored suits and trousers. Naturally, jewellery followed suit with bold, sculptural gold designs like this gorgeous double snake necklace. 

It was designed and manufactured in Pforzheim, Germany. The necklace is marked with the famous "Amerikaner" stamp denoting a high quality doublé plating. Doublé was a process of double plating a piece dating as far back as 1865. This stamp was meant to assure the gold a lifetime of glow. 


The necklace is in great condition - There is almost no tarnish or wear of the gold plating. Both snake heads are free from chips or scratches. There is some wear to the gold plating on the lobster clasp however this is not noticeable when worn. In typical 1950s fashion, the necklace is meant to sit almost as a choker however it has a chain extender to suit your preferences. I would recommend gently cleaning this necklace using a gold polishing cloth. If the necklaces become wet, I would recommend making sure it dries completely before putting it away. I would also wait to put this necklace on last after my hairspray, perfumes, cosmetics to avoid tarnishing the gold. 


Mid Century ca. 1950s


Without using the extender the necklace 43cm in length (a 21.5cm drop). The extender adds a maximum of another 2cm in drop.

The snake chain measures 2mm thick.

The snake heads measure 20mm x 8mm.


The necklace is stamped "AMERIKANER" 


Gold Plated base metal



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