Mid-Century Colour Change Ural Mountain Gem Ring

3.020 kr 3.880 kr

No. 363


Colour change stones have a most magical quality to them. This ring's colour shifts from pastel purple, soft pink to deep greenish blue depending on the lighting. These  colour changes are enchanting but notoriously hard to capture in photos. 

The design and depths of the facets on this stone ensures there is always a beautiful play of light and the colour on this ring. Add the scrolling shoulders, a subtle gold wash to it's metal and we find a most romantic and feminine ring. 

It was manufactured by the Sverdlovsk Jewellery and Stone Cutting factory in 1958. Based at the base of Russia's Ural mountains the company dates back hundreds of years with the first factory being built in 1738.

Tsar Alexander was a massive fan and sought regular commissions from the expert stone cutters most notably for his malachite room in their Winter Palace. In the 1930s they were commissioned to carve five metre wide ruby stars for the Kremlin Towers.

You can see the ring appears a deep blue in the product photos and a soft mauve purple when being worn. 

Care to be taken when wearing the ring to keep from hitting the stone for fear of scratching or cracking the stone. 

The ring cannot be submersed in a chemical metal cleaner as this may ruin the stone or strip the silver of the gold wash. I would recommend cleaning the ring in mild soapy water and polishing gently with a gold cloth. 

Ring should always be removed when using hand sanitizer or other harsh chemicals. 


The ring is in good vintage condition. The gold wash (plating) seems to have dimmed over the years. The band is thick and setting of the stone secure. There is a tiny chip to the inner bottom corner of the stone which is only noticeable if you are looking for it. It does not affect the wear of the ring and cannot be seen from a distance.  T


Mid Century 1950s


55.5 EU

The stone measures 11 x 7.8mm

The silver band measures 1.7wide  x 0.9 thick, 

The setting sits 6mm above your finger 


The ring is stamped with Soviet Hallmarks for 875 silver as well as the year 1958 and makers mark of Sverdlovsk Jewellery and Stone Cutting factory


Vermeil (Gold Plated Silver), Colour Change stone. 



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