Mid -Century Coiled Mesh Serpent Bracelet

890 kr

No. 232


The serpent has been an enduring symbol in jewellery design dating back to ancient times. Archeological digs in Greece and Italy in the 1800s resurrected ancient mythology on the symbolism of the serpent. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was depicted wearing a bracelet in the form of a snake. For Plato, the image of the ourobouros - a serpent swallowing its tail -  represented everlasting life. 

Jewellers the world over have been offering their interpretations in all mediums across the decades. 

This stunning bracelet was designed by the famous Friedrich Spiedel of Pforzheim, Germany. The company was founded as a silver and gold chain factory in 1895. The company grew and was thought to be the largest jewellery manufacturers of the 1920s. Two of the founders suns were sent overseas to establish a branch of the family's business. The famous Speidel watchband company was founded in the USA in 1904.  


This Speidel design dates to circa 1950s. It features two intricately engraved serpent heads each studded with a deep red facetted glass stone. The snake's body is made of a beautifully crafted, tight woven golden mesh. The design is of high quality and is really comfortable to wear. 

The bracelet measures 6cm wide x 5.5 height. It can bend/flex a further 1cm-1.5cm to put it on but I would not recommend any more

The bracelet is stamped "Plaque Or" which means it has been electroplated with a gold coating. 


The bracelet is in excellent condition - There is almost no tarnish/rubbing except for some minor areas underneath the serpent heads as in the photos. The mesh is in fantastic condition with no scratches or tarnish which is exceptionally rare for these items. There is a tiny speck of solder visible on one of the glass stone settings which is also visible in the photos if you are looking for it. It does not affect the look of the bracelet in any way. 

Era: Mid Century ca. 1950s


It comfortably flexes to 6cm wide x 5.5 height for wearing. It can bend a further 1cm-1.5cm to put it on but I would not recommend any larger. 

The snake heads measure 26.5mm long x 11.4 wide x 8.4mm tall including the height of the glass stone setting. 

The glass stones measure 6mm x 4.5mm 

The bracelet weighs 27.4 grams. 

The mesh coil measures 11.8mm wide and 3.4 thick. 

Hallmarks:  The bracelet is stamped "PLAQUE OR"  and Friedrich Speidels Maker Mark "SP." 

Materials: Gold Plated base metal, Glass Stones 

Provenance: Germany

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