Mid-Century 18ct Gold Keepsake Locket

1.810 kr

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Lockets have been meaningful, popular pieces of jewellery for hundreds of years but it was the Victorians who popularised them into what we recognise today - cherished tokens of love between sweethearts and family members.  

Nowadays nothing is private in a world of social networks. Every facet of our lives seems to be on show for all to see. Having a little locket is a way to keep at least one little secret close to your heart. 

This particular locket is inscribed with a "CR" or "RC" monogram in typical 1950s cursive script.  It is crafted in 18ct yellow gold with space for two photos inside. 

This locket is being sold on it's own however we can help you find the perfect chain if you need one. 


The locket is in excellent condition given its age. The clasp is secure. There are no dents or scratches and its almost as if it has never been worn. The locket can be cleaned with mild soapy water and polished with a gold cloth. 




17mm wide x 20mm (excluding the bale). The bale measures adds an additional 6mm. The bale measures can accommodate a chain no thicker than 3mm. 


There are stamps around the ring at the bale however I cannot make it out. The pendant has been tested as 18ct gold. 


18ct gold



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