Antique French Lily of the Valley Locket

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The sweet smelling Lilly of the Valley flower is a longtime has long been a symbol of femininity representing motherhood, purity and sweetness. 

In France, the tradition of giving the flower as a good luck charm is said to have started when King Charles was gifted a bunch of Lillies as symbol of good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year.  The King was then believed to have started gifting the flower on a yearly basis to all of the women in his court.

Madam Charlotte de la tour published what is thought to be the first reference book for floral symbolism entitled "Le language de fleurs"in 1819. The book was translated to English and for the Victorians  Lily of the Valley was said to symbolise a "return to happiness".  The flower has been found in many a bridal bouguet including some famous faces such as Grace KElly and Kate Middleton.

This locket is beautiful in it's simplicity. It crafted from silver and has a raised, embossed image of the Lilly of the Valley flower to it's front. It opens to a double locket with removable silver frames.

This locket is being sold on it's own however we can help you find the perfect chain if you are looking for one. The locket is likely from the early 1900s. The locket is versatile making it perfect for laying and mixed metal chains. 


The locket is in amazing condition considering it is over 100 years old. The clasp is still strong and there is no wear to the design. There are no dents or significant scratches making it the perfect vintage gift.  




The locket measures 30mm long excluding the bale/jump ring and 24mm at its widest point. 

The jump ring can hold a chain no thicker than 3mm. 


The locket is stamped 830 to it's top ring. 



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