French Victorian Scarab and Rolled Gold Ring

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Archaeological Elegance 

No. 154 


Scarab jewellery has been worn as a symbol of luck and protection since as far back as ancient Egypt. Egyptian obsession erupted across France when Napoleon Bonaparte uncovered the Rosetta Stone among other amazing archaeological discoveries. 

This ring is an archeological treasure of a different era. It has survived nearly untouched for the past 150 years as it sat forgotten in a jeweller's drawer. 

It is made of moulded glass on a rolled gold shank.  


Whilst you could technically wear this ring on a daily basis, I would recommend it be saved for those special occasions because of the fragility of the glass.  This ring is such a piece of history and a good dose of victorian symbolism. 


The ring is excellent antique condition. It is fully secure on a strong shank. Rolled gold was developed in the Victorian period which is a hybrid material made up of a thin layer of gold which is heat fused to both sides of a brass base metal. Rolled gold is extremely durable and doesn’t really tarnish making it an easy wear. The setting around the glass scarab seems to be a different metal that has tarnished and cannot be polished off. It really doesn’t detract from the beauty of the ring as it is mainly on the underside. The glass scarab is in mint condition - no chips or scratches with lovely detailed engraving and gold painted accents. 

Era: French Late 1800s


Size: O (UK) or 54.5 (DK)

Weight is 1.8 grams

The band measures 2mm wide and 1mm thick

The scarab measures 17 mm tall and 12mm wide 

The ring at its highest point sits 7mm above your finger 

Hallmarks:  none

Materials: glass, rolled gold, base metal 

Provenance: France 

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