French Victorian Lion and Rolled Gold Ring

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No. 117

In early Rome, the lion, “king of beasts”, was said to convey strength, courage, and protection to its wearer. 

As the passion for archeology and historical discoveries gained momentum during the Victorian period, Roman revival jewellery became known to the masses when it was exhibited at the Paris Exhibition Universelle in 1867. 

At the same time, the industrial revolution was underway in the manufacturing of jewellery. Metal stamping techniques meant that the rising middle class could afford the jewellery of the times. 

This ring is the perfect example of the roman revival fashion craze and affordable costume jewellery of the late 1800s. It is a near miracle that this exceptionally rare moulded lion glass ring has survived basically untouched for the past 150 years. This ring had sat forgotten in a drawer all of this time. It is a magnificent and highly sought after piece of history. 

Era: French Victorian Late 1800s


Size: K.5 (UK) or 50 (DK) Its a small one - so im sure it will be waiting for its special cinderella moment! 

Weight is 2.8 grams

The band measures 2mm wide and 1mm thick

The lion measures 15 mm tall and 13mm wide 

The ring at its highest point sits 11mm above your finger 

Condition: The ring is excellent antique condition. It is fully secure on a strong shank. Rolled gold was developed in the Victorian period which is a hybrid material made up of a thin layer of gold which is heat fused to both sides of a brass base metal. Rolled Gold is a prime source of victorian costume jewellery. It is extremely durable and doesn’t really tarnish making it an easy wear. The glass lion is in mint condition - no chips or scratches with lovely detailed engraving and gold painted accents. 

Hallmarks:  None 

Materials: Black glass lion, glass paste stone and rolled gold 

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