Victorian Rose Cut Diamond 'Moi & Toi" ring.

7.700 kr

A Most Romantic Ring 

No. 360


"Toi et Moi" translates from French to 'You and Me'. It refers to one of the most romantic ring styles in history. A ring that features two stones that sit side by side symbolising when two souls become one - the joining of two hearts, souls and lives.

It is thought this ring style originated back in the 1700s when Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to Josephine de Beauharnais with a sapphire and diamond version.

This double rose-cut ring is an elegant take on the 'Toi et Moi' design. It features contrasting white and warm yellow gold accented by graduating sized rose cut diamond studded shoulders.  

Rose cut diamonds took their name from the appearance of the stone cutting technique. It is thoughts that the finished stones resemble a budding rose. This technique was popularised in the 19th century and meant to be worn at a time when diamonds were to sparkle against candlelight. Rose cut diamonds offer a unique glow very different to modern day brilliant cut diamonds. 


The two main diamonds are set into an airy, almost floating, claw setting which allows for the maximum amount of light to shine through. Care should be taken with these settings as stones are at risk of falling out if any of the prongs get damaged when snagged on something like a piece of clothing. The ring can be gently cleaned in mild soapy water and finished with a gold polishing cloth.  


The ring is in excellent condition given it's over 100 years old. The shank is in 'like new' condition and given its width and size is likely a later addition/repair. The shank has no scratches or dents. Shoulders are structurally sound and all stones in good condition. 

As with any ring of this age, there are nibbles to the stones /edges which can be seen with a loupe. There are also inclusions in the stone which was common with rose cut diamonds. The value in a ring such as this beauty lies very much in it's history rather than the individual materials used to design it.  


Victorian Late 1800s 


Size: 56 EU

The ring weights 2.5 grams. 

The band measures 2.1mm wide x 0.9mm thick. 

The central rose cut diamonds measure 3.3mm in diameter.

The rose cut shoulder diamonds measure 1.1mm and 0.6mm respectively. 

It is extremely difficult to obtain a total carat weight for rose cut diamonds pieces. This is because their irregular shape and depth measurement makes it near impossible to create a formula for calculation.  




18ct gold - which is the legal requirement for all French pieces.  



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