Art Deco "New Old Stock" Chrysoprase, Marcasite and Silver Ring

920 kr

. 281


Jewellery of the Art Deco period was greatly influenced by travel and trade with the Far East. Chrysoprase quickly rose to prominence in the 1920s as an affordable jade substitute in the oriental designs of the time.  

Chrysoprase has a luxurious deep, translucent colour evoking the opulence of the decade. The ring features an elongated faceted bridge stone to it's center accented by marcasite studded shoulders. in this ring is further accented by polished and handset marcasite stones. The stone is set with a partially open back to allow as much light through as possible to give a glowing effect to the stone. 

I always get super excited when I find 'forgotten stock" pieces. I find it amazing that such a beautiful piece of jewellery made it nearly 80 years untouched and in perect condition. This ring still has its original little price tag attached. It is an extra good find because of it's larger size when so many of these pieces these days are really small. 


This ring is in new, antique condition.  There are no scratches or chips to the stones, original marcasite stones still present. 

The ring should not be submersed in water and should only be worn on special occasions as to prevent damage to the main stone (so no hard labour or housecleaning when wearing it!). Marcasite stones have a tendency to fall out especially given they have been sitting in there for over 100 years, so bear that in mind when you buy it. The ring can be cleaned with a gentle polish with a silver cloth being sure not to dislodge any of the stones or scratch the Chrysoprase. . 




The ring is a size 55 EU. 

The main stone is 14mm tall  x 7.5mm wide. 

The ring sits approx 5mm above your finger. Its a very comfortable fit as it is flush against the finger. 


The ring is stamped with a french crab for silver purity as well as the french lozenge maker's mark which I have been unable to make out. 


Silver, marcasite stones and chrysoprase 



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