Maison Guillemin Frères: Art Nouveau Diamond and Pearl Ring

3.880 kr

No. 337


This ring by the famous Maison Guillemin Frères of Paris offers nothing but simple elegance. 

It's beauty lies in the simplicity of it's design and the craftmanship required to deliver such a modest work of art. 

The Guillemin brothers came from a long line of french jewellers dating back to the 1700s. They are most famous for their Art Nouveau and Belle Époque designs where their pieces feature regularly at some of the most prestigious auction houses in the world. 

This ring is a beautiful example of Belle Époque design which is french for the “Beautiful Age". Jewellery from this period was light and delicate with pearls and diamonds taking centre stage. This ring highlights another key feature of Belle Époque fashion in it's use of millegrain metalwork. A process where the jeweller skilfully produces a row of close-set metal beads as borders on the piece. The skill and placement of the millegrain edges, diamonds and metal facets create the most beautiful and subtle sparkle from all angles. 

The millegrain plaque is paved in diamonds and set atop a raised gallery allowing as much light as possible to add to it's sparkle. A single pearl sits to it's centre however I have not had the ring tested to see whether it is a natural or cultivated pearl. As the ring combines both yellow and white 18ct gold, it offers a lot of versatility in it's wear making it perfect to match with all your other favourites. 


Given the delicacy of pearl setting, it is recommended this ring be saved for special occasions. There is always a risk with such settings that the pearl be knocked off if hit or caught on something. 

Particular care should be taken to ensure ring is not exposed to water or harsh chemicals as this will no doubt ruin the pearl's delicate lustre and setting. I would recommend cleaning the metals using a gold polishing cloth and wiping the pearl with a special pearl cleaner. Otherwise, I would recommend taking the ring to a jeweller for a professional clean. 


The ring is in great antique condition. All diamonds are present. There are no scratches to the pearl and very little wear at all to the metal.  


Edwardian / Belle Époque circa 1905-1915


54/54.5 EU

Weight is 1.8grams

The ring features tapered shoulders which measure 1.6mm at it's widest point and 0.7mm thick at the base

The pearl is 2.3mm wide

The setting sits 6mm above your finger 


The ring is stamped with the "G. Fres" makers mark to the base of the band. There is no metal purity mark however it was a legal requirement in france for all jewellery to be made of 18ct gold. It is possible the purity mark was removed if the ring was resized at some point. 


18ct yellow gold, white gold, old cut diamonds, white pearl. 


Paris, France

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