"New Old Stock" Vintage Snake Bangle

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No. 361


Elephant hair jewellery was all the rage in the Victorian period when the British elite brought the pieces back from their 'Grand Tour'.  The 'Grand Tour' was a travel expedition typically taken by gentlemen finishing off their eduction in search of different cultures, arts and languages. These pieces made the perfect souvenirs for their loved ones back home and they were worn as fashionable symbols of their affluence and worldliness. 


This bracelet is a reproduction of the Victorian souvenirs and likely dates to the 1940s/1950s. 

It is new old stock, meaning it has never been worn and still has it's original tags. 

The bracelet features a coiled snake crafted from gold plated base metal (likely brass) which is moulded around black faux elephant hair. I highly doubt this is real hair given its a piece of costume jewellery and has a different texture. It is likely a rubber type material. The bracelet is plated in 24 carat gold with both the snake's tail and head having intricate carved details. 


The bracelet is in excellent condition. There are no dents or tarnish to the piece.  This piece has never been worn so it stands in "as new" condition despite being 70 years old. 

Care should be taken with the gold plating. It is likely a very thin layer and can easily scratch off. The bracelet should not be worn in water as it could ruin the black rubber pieces. I would recommend cleaning the bracelet with a soft microfiber cloth. I would not use any gold cleaning products or chemicals (perfume/creams) on the bracelet as this could damage the rubber or cause the gold plating to wear. 

Era: ca 1940s/1950s


The bracelet has a rigid inner diametre of 65mm. It does not bend or stretch so you must make sure it will fit over your hand to put it on. You can read more about sizing in our Bracelet Sizing Guide.

The 3 snake coil design measures 9mm wide with a 3mm thickness.


The bracelet was purchased in a collection with many matching snake rings many of which still had the original tags stating the pieces are plated in 24 carat fine gold. 

There is a maker mark "R/A" stamped beside the tail however my research has not been able to uncover the original manufacturer of the jewellery pieces. 

Materials: Gold Plated base metal, Rubber like material

Provenance: France 

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