Elegant Edwardian Paste Tiara

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Edwardian socialites were obsessed with tiaras. They were often crafted, like this one, to serve double duty as a necklace. There are little loops on the sides of the tiara which allow a ribbon to be tied through for it to be worn as a choker. 

The tiara is studded with a single row of glass paste stones which give off the most subtlest of sparkle. Each of the stones are set with 4 prongs into a brass base metal setting. 


The tiara is in excellent condition given it is over 100 years old. All stones are present and sparkling. There are some minor crimps/bends to the tiara which can be seen in the photo but you can only really tell if you are looking. I have tried to capture this in the photos. 

I have added an additional jump ring to one of the sides to make it easier to set into your hair or add a ribbon. 

The tiara cannot be submersed in water as this can damage the stones. You must also be careful not to "catch" any fabric on the prongs as this can ruin your item of clothing or cause the stones so fall out. 

The photos show the tiara being worn in the hair without any ribbon or hair clips. You can see how easily it stretches around someone's head. I would recommend using hair grips to keep it in place for the day. 


ca. 1910. 


The tiara is actually quite flexible and gives off quite a bit of stretch to fit around your head/hair. 

It measures 11.5cm in diametre but can stretch easily to 15cm. 

Each stones measures approx 4mm. 

The loops at the back of the tiara measure 4mm in diameter. 




Glass stones and brass metal. 



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