Edwardian Vermeil "GJH" Signet Ring

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Signet rings have become all rage over the past few years but they have been a secret style staple for thousands of years. Great Pharoahs, powerful romans and love-swept sweethearts have taken advantage of the beauty of Signet rings. The earliest recorded Signet rings date to 3500BC and have been playing different roles throughout history ever since. 

The ring also bears the stamp of it's makers mark "J.H.W". John Henry Wynn of Birmingham who was in business between 1899-1938 and  famous for his Signet rings. 


The ring is in great condition considering it is over 100 years old. There is some minor wear to the gold plating around the edges of the ring but it is only noticeable if you are specifically looking for it. The ring is only plated on the outside so you will in the photos that the inside is Sterling silver.  There is no scratching or wear to the face of the ring. 




Size 54 EU 

The ring face measures 11mm x8mm 

The ring band measures 2mm. 


The ring is stamped "9ct GOLD Silver" which means they plated the sterling silver ring in gold. The gold plating they used in this period was much thicker and higher quality than they use now which is why is lasted so long. 


Sterling Silver (925) and 9ct gold plating 



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