Edwardian Faceted Glass Ring

620 kr

No. 225


Created between 1890-1920, Edwardian jewellery is named after England's King Edward VII, who reigned from 1901-1910. Arguably, the most defining style of this era was white metal paired with white stones, which quickly become a trademark look for Edwardian jewellery.

This elegant ring speaks to everything Edwardian. 


An elongated rectangular faceted white paste stone takes front and center in this beautifully set silver ring. The shoulders on the ring capture the flowing curves of the Art Nouveau movement with juxtaposed sharp deco frames. The stone is held in place by delicate prongs at the top on bottom of the stone. Care should be taken when wearing this ring as the prongs could bend if caught in clothing etc and the stone is at risk of chipping/scratching/breaking. The stone should also be kept away from chemicals as this can damage the stone. 




Size: 59.5 EU 0 unusually large for the period - and when I say large I mean can fit a modern women's hand!  

The stone measures 18 x 8mm. 

The band is 3.5mm wide at its widest point nearest the gallery and 1.5 at the base of the band.  

The band is 1mm thick at the base. 

The ring sits 7mm above your finger. 

Hallmarks:  The ring is stamped SILVER on the inside of the ring

Materials: Silver, Glass 

Provenance: England 

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