The Revival Collection - Victorian Gold & Pearl "A" Pendant

1.140 kr

No. 368

The Revival Collection features redesigned one of a kind pieces using antique materials. 

The pendant on this necklace was converted from a victorian mourning bracelet.  Mourning and Sentimental jewellery flourished during the Victorian period. This jewellery was worn as an outward display of keeping someone near to the heart being an expression of love. Pearls were used in these pieces to symbolise purity, innocence or the representation of tear drops. 


The gold gothic letter "A" initial is set with 5 tiny seed pearls on a 9ct gold frame.  A large jump ring has been added as a bail by a professional jeweller. This pendant is being sold without a chain however please get in touch if you would like to find one to match. 

Whilst this necklace is perfect for everyday, the victorian metalwork is delicate and easily bent if put under pressure. For this reason, it is recommended this pendant be worn on a shorter chain to prevent any tear or pulls from a sweater etc. The corners are also a wee bit sharp so best to take this beauty off when exercising or undertaking any physical activity.

The pearls set into the pendant are also very delicate and cannot tolerate any rough cleaning or chemicals, so its best to put this necklace last after your cosmetics, hairspray and perfume. I would also not recommend wearing the pendant in the necklace given the fragility of the little pearl shells. I would recommend cleaning the pendant by polishing very gently with a gold polishing cloth. 


The conversion work on this necklace was completed by a professional jeweller, so you are buying in excellent condition. Please be mindful though that the pendant itself is  well over 100 years old. 


Mid to Late Victorian 


The gold box Frame measures 14mm x 14mm 

The bale adds an additional 3.5mm of length. 

The bale can accommodate a chain no thicker than 2.5mm. 


The pendant is stamped 9ct underneath the bale - the hole is partially hiding it. 


9ct gold, seed pearl. 



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