RARE Neiger Brother Chinese Collection Brooch

1.640 kr

No. 338


Neiger pieces are arguably Czechoslovakia's most sought after glass jewellery designs of the 20th century. Max and Norbert Neiger started their jewellery making business in the basement of their family home in 1900.

Their creative and innovative designs were inspired by the many archaeological discoveries at the time as well as newly opened trade route with China and India.

Their designs reached their peak in the Art Deco period with their famous scarab beads following the discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922.

Neiger brothers pieces are extremely sought after given the jewellery company did not survive WW2. They, along with all of their families, tragically died at the hands of the Nazies in the Aushwitz concentration camp. 

This stunning brooch is part of their iconic Chinese line. There was a fascination with Chinese culture in the Art deco era. The geometric nature of Chinese art and architecture was a massive influence to Art Deco artists,curious about the world beyond the West.  Jade had become a popular material of the times this reproduction glass cabochon speaks to its appeal. 

The Neiger brothers were famous for their juxtaposition and layers of metal stampings, glass beads and delicate enamel work. This brooch has it all and its in fantastic condition. 

This brooch should be kept away from chemicals and not worn in the shower etc. Care should be taken when wearing the brooch given the glass pieces. I would recommend cleaning it necklace with a damp cloth or jewellery polish cloth. Be sure dry itcompletely to prevent any damage or formation of verdigris. 

Condition: Excellent condition - It is extremely rare to find Neiger pieces in such good condition. This is a true collectors piece which packs a ton of history. 


Hallmarks:  None which is typical of Neiger designs. 

Materials: Base metal, Glass 

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