Art Nouveau "Gibson Girl" Gold Medal Pendant Necklace

1.990 kr 2.630 kr

No. 395


A charming pendant created from an Art Nouveau era chain slide.  It features the profile of a stunning Edwardian Era 'Gibson Girl' with floral scroll detail and contrasting tones of gold. 

The Gibson Girl was named after Charles Dana Gibson, the famous Life Magazine illustrator. She went on to became the 20th century's first icon of feminine style and beauty. Women the world over began modelling this look until the Flapper fashion of the 1920s took hold. 

Gibson's image portrayed a new kind of woman in line with all the societal changes taking place at the time. This "new" woman was a challenge to traditional gender roles. She was elegant, educated, sporty and fiercely independent.  She smoked, drank and spoke up for herself. The world was changing and this pendant captures this exciting time in history.  


The pendant is crafted in 18ct warm, rosey gold with yellow and white gold accents. These types of medal jewellery were often designed and carved by famous artists and sculptors of the period. This piece has the artist's signature however I have not been able to confirm who it is in all my research. 

The backplate to the pendant is extremely thin (as per the design) and is at risk of bending/denting if proper care is not taken. I would recommend cleaning in mild soapy water and gently polish with a gold polishing cloth. 

The pendant has been hung from a yellow gold plated (925) silver box chain 


The pendant measures 19.3mm in diameter. The jump rings add an additional 6.3 mm in length. 

The jump ring bale can accommodate a chain 2.4mm thick. 

The chain is 45cm in length. 


None - The pendant in it's current form does not have any stamps however prior to its conversion it did bear french hallmarks for 18ct gold. The pendant conversion was undertaken by a professional goldsmith who ensured it's metal purity. 



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