Bijoux Fix Lucky 13 Edwardian French Pendant Charm

980 kr

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The French Jewellery Company Bijoux Fix (1823) invented one of the highest quality gold platings in the world which no one has ever been able to replicate.  The jewellery was of such high quality it was often mistaken for solid gold.  They ran a number of advertising campaigns against copycat designers encouraging buyers to always make sure their piece was backed with the famous FIX stamp. You can clearly see this stamp on the back of this charm. 

This 100 year old pendant looks pretty much the same it did over 100 years ago! It's design is modest but it's beauty lies in it's simplicity.

It is in excellent condition with no wear/scratching to the gold plating. The original jump ring is a bit bent however a chain can still be worn with it. If you would prefer a new jump ring just send me a message on purchase and I can change it no problem. 

Its a beautiful keepsake and would make a sentimental gift for birthdays, anniversaries and anyone with a special connection to the number 13.


Edwardian - early 1900s


It measures 15.7mm in diameter excluding the bale. The bale adds an additional 7.3mm of length. 

The bale can accommodate a chain that is 1.2mm in thickness. 


The back is stamped FIX 


Rolled Gold



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